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Welcome to Webatlante
WebAtlante is a privately held brand of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS or HRMS) for organizations with 10 to 5,000 employees. The project launched in 1989 to address the need for a high-performance Human Resources software for small to medium sized companies. Our response to the market demand was WebAtlante, which has grown to become a worldwide HR software product.

Every organization is unique and custom HR software is very expensive. Being highly flexible and customizable to the unique needs of each organization, our product eliminates the need for custom-made software or expensive consultancy. The features are easy to use and can quickly and effortlessly be tailored to the organization’s needs.

In addition to an innovative product, we have also implemented a novel approach to technical support. We have in your disposal a dedicated, well-trained staff to offer a complete technical support and help operate the system smoothly. Our technicians perform regular checks to ensure the software is running smoothly and meeting our client’s every single need. They provide training, assist with data conversion and answer questions. To conclude, our clients come always first.

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Address: Contrada Casine di Paterno,Ancona (AN) 60131

39 02 9475 6827


Effective HR tools and options to suit your needs

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Achieve your business goals faster with WebAtlante

WebAtlante’s shift management is a customizable solution which can handle the complexity of your organisation and decrease the time it takes to schedule your staff from hours to minutes. Your staff is automatically notified and can view shifts using our app or through the web.

With WebAtlante you can always be at your best even when everything is going wrong. Eliminate shift conflicts and avoid mistakes that complicate data issues and lead to expensive repercussions. Stay on top of your business even on your busiest days. Keep customers satisfied and always coming back.

Bridge the Hospitality Skills Gap

Develop and Retain Skilled Talent

With Employee Information Manager you can easily access or manage detailed information about each employee, which is essential to release the full potential of your HR team. The optimization of production processes, as well as the improved management of work and outdoor interventions, are just some of the points on which new technologies are focusing in the field of work. To increase workforce performance without requiring more effort from employees, it is necessary to adopt cutting-edge technology solutions.

Drive Productivity, Efficiency, and Quality

Provide Excellent Service

WebAtlante allows you to manage the various types of absence, including holidays, leaves, sickness or general absences. You can customize absence items and keep track of employee balances, you can view the holiday plan or activate alarms to be notified of any excess.

Shift Management
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